Happy Sunday, everyone!  Yesterday, Brian and I photographed an awesome wedding in the area! It was great! Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom and wonderful family and friends to spend the day with! I’ll be sharing those soon! In the meantime, I wanted to share a tasty, dinner treat! A twist on the classic Tater Tot Casserole! We had chicken breasts ready to use up and have been wanting to use something other than ground beef, which we have a freezer stocked full of!  So here it is! I know it’s probably  not the best choice for a hot day today but it’s yummy comfort food that’s super easy and quick to prepare when you need something in a hurry to feed the army! Happy Sunday!

1.Heat Some oil and saute your chicken! for this, I used about 4 smaller chicken breasts, cooking until there is color on all sides.  Of course, i salt and peppered. You could also saute up some diced onions, too if you wish!1. I sprayed my 9×13 glass baking dish and emptied a family size bag of frozen mixed vegetables! This really is part of the fun with this recipe! you can mix it up with whatever you have in the freezer! 

3. A big bag of taters….:) YUMM!
4. I mixed one can of Cream of Mushroom Soup with a half a can of milk and stirred it up ! 

5. I drained the chicken and added it atop of the frozen vegetables…6. I poured my creamy soup mixture on top of that and added some more black pepper! flavoring in layers..7. of course, there will be cheese!! 8. Add the tater tots in a single layer atop the cheese!9. I had to show you my great value drawer of essentials!:) I took some tin foil and sprayed it with non stick cooking spray and covered the casserole and put it in the oven 350 for about 35 minutes! After that i took the foil off, turned on the broiler and let that finish the top, making it melty and brown, giving it a nice crisp to finish the casserole! So classy, I know! We eat like kings over here! lol10. Tasty, Tasty, Tasty! My husband loved this way better with chicken then beef and we had great leftovers for lunches the next couple of days! ENJOY!! 


Have you ever let a bunch of bananas go really ripe and say to yourself,”I’m going to make me some banana bread!?” and then your husband says, “YEAH, RIGHT! I’ll believe that when I see it!”  Well, my hubby has been saying that to me everytime I say this in our kitchen!  Normally, Augie LOVES LOVES LOVES himself some nanas.  But, lately, he just pushes them away when I offer them to him at breakfast! So, here goes my first real try at some banana bread! But, really I was so confident.. found a really great recipe from the food network and as you can see, everything was going well…. and of course when I went to cut into the bread, it was like banana pudding in the center! SERIOUSLY! It didn’t bake long enough so you can see by the end photos how the banana bread went “BAD”  The edges were cooked so those were devored immediately because, despite the center, this RECIPE IS GOOOOD!! haha so here is my attempt!!  ENJOY!:)



1.Get Your Dry Ingredients together!  Flower, Baking Powder, Cinnamon and Salt!
2. Have one trusty dusty helper…please note(she only lasted a few steps.. there was a very important movie playing in the living room involving puppies.. that was waaay more important than quality bonding time with Auntie!)3. Sift Dry ingredients together! Annie Wonka was very very excited to help with this part!  She is so fun! love you, Annie!4. Sift, Sift, Sift!
4.mmmmmmmmmm. PURE SUGAR!!  hmm.. kind of like me, right?? lol  Put this in a seperate bowl with 2 eggs and GET READY to Beat the Mixture until light and fluffy! The recipe said with a whisk for 10 minutes! I was like,”yeah, right, recipe!” I got out the hand mixer! HAHAMUCH BETTER!!  WAY FASTER and I really like this picture! It is too fun!
5. Drizzle in The Oil!  I actually didn’t have the full 1/2 cup that the recipe called for, so i used half APPLESAUCE as well!
6. GET OUT THOSE RIPE BANANAS and GET EXCITED!  If you have little ones, this is an extra special fun task to give them to try!  Who wouldn’t want to mash bananas! On a cooking show once, I saw the baker take the nanas and put them in a big big plastic zip top bag and mash them that way by hand! I just used my pampered chef potatoe masher thing!:)Annie did a great job!YUMMMMM……………….Mashed Bananas! If Archie was home, I would have given him a taste!
7. Add a Bit of Vanilla! 8. Add your Mashed Bananas to the Eggs/Liquid mixture…

9.My Favorite part…SOUR CREAM!  Added creamy texture!

10. lastly, gently fold in dry ingredients and pour into your bread pan!  MY MISTAKE… I believe One of the reasons I messed up was because I poured too much in. I think you should pour to 3/4 of the way full to the top!

11.  Of course, it looks yummy but after viewing my mom’s banana bread tonight, this looks bad.  The Top should be risen and puffy and of course the center SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE PUDDING!:) Better lucky Next Time I guess!

Banana Bread After math!

HERE’S THE LINK TO THE FULL RECIPE!! I’m sure you can all do better than I did! It actually was very very good!  It would’ve been better COOKED!:)Thank you for visiting!

  • shannon - This made my day! Sorry it didnt work out for you… I always add a jar of banana baby food for the extra moistness, which yours obviously didn’t need, and always test the bread with a toothpick, just like a cake to make sure the innerds are done!

  • brittany gliniecki - To fix your problem, you can always tell when banana bread isn’t done because from your picture u can see how the center is still sunk in. Another thing, i saw the pan u used, when making banana bread don’t worry about using up the batch, make two loafs, thats what i do, and its always cooks through. plus then if you use one, you can save the other for later, u can freaze it or just set it off to the side in a freezer bag. A key thing you can do to make sure that the bread will cook through is part way through the cooking proccess you can if you don’t have tooth picks, u can use a fork gently and poke little holes in the top of the bread to allow heat to get in a little better.
    Another key hint for easy cleanup, butter the pan, lightly flour it, and then pour you batter in it, comes out cleanly, and easy clean up afterwards.
    tip, going over the recipe number for banana’s won’t hurt, it just adds to the flavor, also next time try having some walnuts, crush them in a bag and have her sprinkle them on the batter in the pan before baking, its a little fun and gives the top a little crunch, but is really healthy as well.

  • Lindsey Marie - AWESOME, Brittany! Thank you so much! i’m going to try another batch this coming week!! :) Thank you! love the walnut ideas!


Aaron & Crystal had a beautiful, fantastic day for a wedding! Brian and I had such a great time spending time with crystal & Aaron’s family and friends! Thank you so much for including us in your special day! We wish you nothing but happiness and a lifetime full of fun and baby bliss!  Congratulations!



Seriously, folks!  Where has this been all my life? Making popcorn on the stovetop! really, people! I must be an idiot because I have never even thought about doing this! UNTIL THIS WEEK!! That’s right! i’m trying something new and let me tell you, I love it!  you are probably thinking i’m kind of spazzy right now, thinking, like duh, lindsey, we’ve been doing this forever!  I feel like i’ve been kept in the dark! LOL




So this will be my first recipe tutorial on the blog for your viewing pleasure.. and before you start judging, yes, I love GREAT VALUE brand! We are on a strict grocery budget and it is my life saver at the grocery stor!:)haha here goes…


1. Get out your popping corn!!  I picked up the cheapest I could find because for one…it was cheap…and two.. I have never done this before so i didn’t want to waste high quality popping corn in case I messed it up, which I did the first time. I know you could get the Orville Brand too in a big jug.  That might be something to think about as well for next time! I seem to like making this a lot now!!

2. Select your Flavorings.. Now I know this is sort of a stretch as this stuff is probably not natural and all. I think in the future I’ll research some cool recipes for different “gourmet” flavors instead of buying this stuff. But my 5 year old niece was with me and she had a great time helping me pick out the flavors(there were a lot to choose from, too). So we purchased the butter spray, which is supposed to help the flavor stick and then we decided on white cheddar for our first batch.
3.  Get Out Your Oil and Butter (optional)….The first batch I made I really screwed up because I used only butter and it made the popcorn burn horribly and I stunk up the kitchen.  For this recipe I used a combo of oil and butter and it still was on the verge of burning so I think the best idea is to maybe just use oil or oil and margarine!  And maybe I just did this all wrong and someone can tell me how to make butter work! I just love butter so much so I really want butter to work! LOL
4. As my husband would tell you, I don’t know where the measuring cups are….
or any sort of measuring rules when it comes to butter….

mmmmm. melty butter on camera… love this shot!! i might just enlarge this for my kitchen decor!5.Add Your Popping Corn.  Again, I didn’t measure. I just poured some in to fill the bottom of the pan So you need to decide how much corn will comfortably fill the bottom of your kettle!

As the oil heated up and it started steaming and bubbling, it started to smell really good in the kitchen! And I probably put too much oil in but it seemed to work.:)6. You must protect your corn from the crazy kids that will try to steal your tasty treat!!
6. We got the Flavoring Ready! The directions say One cap full! I let Annie Wonka do that part.

YAY! POPCORN! I wasn’t fast enough to get my video mode set on my NEW CANON 5D MKII otherwise It would have been cool to video record the fun sounds of the corn popping against the lid! It was fun watching Annie Freak out as it popped and filled the Pot!  Family Fun!
7. Spray the Popped Corn with your butter spray! Or you could add melted butter too! that might be good!
8. Sprinkle and Shake to your flavor desires…:)9. You are Done and You have one Content 5 year old in your living room… 

Thanks so much for visiting! Come again!


  • Amber - Yummy! I totally want to make some ASAP!

  • Lacey - So cute! Annnie Wonka is a super star!