Frequently Asked Questions…

Frequently Asked Questions!


1.What is your style?
I am blessed to say that I have a seasoned, extensive background in portrait photography. I proudly say that I learned from the best!  Throughout my almost 12 years of experience photographing children and high school seniors, my style is ever changing! I do love photographing babies and children with bright, bold colors and with classic posing! When photographing outdoors, I tend to let the clients decide if they have a special, meaningful location for portraits. Make sure you view my image galleries to get a glimpse of how I can photograph you and your family. Being a portrait photographer today means being open to new ideas and styles that evolve!

2. How much experience do you have?

I have 11 years of experience directly in the portrait photography industry. I am always changing and growing, attending workshops and seminars each year keeps me up to date with new trends in the photographic and style industry. Not only do I have photography experience but I have customer service experience! My goal is to create a fabulous experience for you and your family..I know that you will have a great time!

3. Do you offer a guarantee?

Of course I offer a 100% no-hassle money back guarantee! I believe a professional photographer should stand behind their work and product 100%! I DO!  My clients never have to worry! You will absolutely love your photographs and experience and if you don’t, you don’t owe me a dime! All of the risk is taken away! Feel free to browse the testimonial page and find out what people are saying about Lindsey Marie.

4. The photographer I use now gives me the disk with a copyright release! do you do that?

We take so many awesome photographs that you are seriously going to want them all!  A big part of my mission statement is providing my clients with the highest quality possible portrait products and wall portraits for the home! This will always be a part of who I am but I understand that having the ability to share, archive and print your own photos at home is a popular practice. Rest assured, I do offer the purchase of the disk of images with limited copyright lease with a minimum purchase! Make sure to ask lindsey marie about the specifics for your session!

5. How Long do Sessions normally take?

I always schedule for up to an hour of photography time at the studio or outdoor location for small children and toddlers! For Senior Photography, please check out that information by CLICKING HERE  For Newborns, I allow up to 2 hours of time!  When working with small children, It’s very fast paced! I’ve found that they are the best as soon as they arrive and as you know, the little ones moods can change fairly quickly so it’s important to move quick!

6. Where do we take the pictures? I really want outside pictures!

For the baby plan, we photograph here, in my studio on S. Third Ave in Wausau, WI! for everything else, all is fair game! We work together to create the perfect setting for your photography session!  Parks, old downtowns, antique buildings, barns, dirt roads, railroad tracks, grassy fields, city streets are all interesting spots.

7. What is your Baby Plan? I’m Expecting and want to learn More!

My “little faces” baby plan is the coolest thing Ever! It’s an all inclusive Baby’s First year Portrait Program! You pay a small fee and receive a Maternity OR Newborn session, 3,6,9,12 month session and also included is a 12×24″ composite portrait showcasing an image from each 3,6,9,12 month sessions! It’s a great introduction to Lindsey Marie Photography! Click Here To learn More about The Baby Plan!

 8. What is your Kids Klub?

The Kids Klub is another great bundled portrait program for discerning moms and dads!  For a small fee you receive 3 portrait sessions that can be used throughout a 24 month period! These are cool, full portrait sessions meaning we can go outside if we want! For Kids Portraits as well as family portraits, pets, etc!   Check out more info By CLICKING HERE!

9. What are you Studio Hours?

At the moment I am by appointment only. It is best to email or call to schedule your appointment! Thank you!

10. What about Retouching? Is that extra?

I believe that the portraits I produce for my clients should be displayed looking their best! So you won’t find any additional charge for retouching of your portraits! Of course, if you have something that’s extremely extensive like braces removal, that might require a small charge but that’s on a per image/client basis!  All of your portraits will come to you 100% retouched and looking fabulous!

11. What if it Rains or is windy and our session is ruined?

No worries about the weather! Wisconsin weather changes so quickly that even though it may be raining where you are, it’s probably nice and sunny here! But you can relax, knowing that if you session is a total wash out or the weather is super windy, we will simply reschedule your session to the next available time, free of charge!

 12. What if my kid is a crabby mess the day of the session?

We all know that most kids have their moments! If, the day of your session, we just can’t get what we are looking for, I will gladly reschedule the appointment for a better time! no problem, ever!

13. Do you post images on facebook?

If you haven’t noticed, I love Facebook! I’m somewhat of a facebook junkie!  I like to post a sneak peek image of each client I photograph before viewing the full set of images! I also share facebook images that you have ordered from once I produce your order. When I share images, I request that you not crop out my logo when using them as your profile image or timeline.

14. Do you offer a payment plan?

I request half down of the total order to send your order to the printer! the rest is due upon pick up or shipment of your portraits!

15. Do you take Credit Cards?

I accept Visa, MC, Discover DEBIT/CREDIT Cards, check or cash.

16. How long does it take to receive my prints?

Portrait orders generally take 2-4 weeks depending on the type of session! And shipping charges are included!  A rush order may be placed at 5% off your total order!

17. What should we wear? I’m freaking out!!

This has to be one of the most asked questions, EVER!  In my opinion the best advice I can give is to bring a bunch of things for us to look at, if you are coming to the studio. Picking the right outfit and composing the best style is one of the most important aspects of your portrait! It’s important to pick clothing that reflects who are but at the same time, the clothing should be classic enough for it to remain timeless!  I don’t want you to look at your portrait on the wall 5 years from now and think, “What the heck was I thinking, wearing that!?” Deeper, Darker colors photograph nicely along with more of a solid pattern! busy lines and patterns cause distractions and draw your eye away from the subject of the portrait, which are the eyes!  definitely bring something white and bring something black. Feel free to email lindsey for further ideas that will suit your vision!

18. What’s the best time to photograph my child?

In my experience, small children are best photographed in the morning hours! The latest I accept portrait appointments for children is 4 pm.

19. I want a high quality product! You don’t print your pictures on an inkjet printer, do you?

My photographs are prints on the best quality portrait paper, they are not printed on inkjet printer papers like some of the chain studios in the area.

20. We would love to come meet you first before deciding! Do you do this??

Personal consultations are a great way to make your final decision and I always welcome them! Please email lindsey to set up a time to get together!