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Hi! I’m Lindsey Marie and I am so glad that you are here! I am a wife, mommy and lover of a creative life! I take pride in being a portrait photographer in central wisconsin! I pour my heart and soul into my work so when you are viewing photographs that I have taken, you are viewing me! My personality and technique and the passion for photographing people is evident in my work. I am blessed to have the experience needed to offer you the highest quality portrait product available! Feel free to look around and drop me a note with any questions!


Things you should know about me!…

1. You Can Call me “Lindsey” (lots of people ask if I want to be called Lindsey Marie or Lindsey! Lindsey is perfectly fine!:))

2. I am Married to my patient and cuddly husband, Brian! love our story, too! We dated in High School, he broke my heart, and we reunited 8 years later!

3. I am a mommy to two beautiful baby boys, Augie is 2 years old and Archie is 4 months! They Keep us busy, that’s for sure!

4. I have a twin sister, who is my best friend and lives right across the road from me! We talk about 10 times a day and see each other almost every other day!

5. I am addicted to Coffee! Right now, I can’t live without it! it is my other best friend!

6. When I am stressed, I eat SNICKERS!

7. I love The Food Network and any cooking show! Favorite one right now is MASTER CHEF! I HEART Gordon Ramsey!

8. I also love Dave Ramsey! Google his name , if you have never heard of him!

9. I love to sew, craft, and create!  Check out my work here..  AUGUST & ARCHIE

10. I’m very easy to work with! I love making people happy and I know you will have a great time working with me!




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Lindsey Kersten
Lindsey Marie Photography

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8365 Mission Lake Rd. Eland WI 54427

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532 S. Third Ave. Wausau WI 54401
715 454 6336