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{Wausau Newborn Photography} Baby Lillian is Here!

Hello world!! What a great, fun weekend! To start the week out right, I have to share a couple of images of sweet baby Lillian!  Lillian is blessed to have such a wonderful, loving family to grow into! I love that I can tell her one day  that I photographed her mommy and daddy’s wedding, too. How cool! That is one of my ultimate goals… to document the growth and changes in my client’s families and create for them beautiful treasured pieces of artwork to proudly display in their home for years to come!

Baby Lillian was just perfect!  She is so beautiful, of course, but she also was super sleepy and she even gave us some cute expressions as she slept for the camera!! hmm. maybe she was thinking how much she loves her mamma and papa or maybe she was just so excited to be at my studio and to be a part of the coolest baby’s first year portrait program EVER!  I guess we’ll never know!

Thank you, Rachel and Jason, for bringing her in to have her photographed!  These images of her will be cherished forever! Congratulations!


When I first started photographing Newborns,  I think I was doing it all wrong! The babies would come in just a tad too late in the day or we would wait a tad too long to bring them in! Some sessions last 2-3 hours, some last just 30-40 minutes!  After photographing many babies, as part of my “baby plan” program, I’ve tweaked the way I photograph to make it work really, really well, most of the time!  If you are part of my baby plan program and are planning on bringing your baby in soon for that first photo shoot, here are some tips for you to consider!

1.  CHECK YOUR CALENDAR and tentatively block off a couple of mornings when baby is about 7-10 days old! The newborn session is so unique because there are so many changes that happen from the time you bring them home from the hospital to the time they turn 3 or 4 weeks old! My job is to capture those itty bitties as early as possible! Many times if you have a planned c-section, it is easy to call ahead and set something up tentatively with me to make sure we have a plan!  But if you have a natural birth, don’t worry about scheduling! I usually keep my mornings open for babies and am very flexible with my calendar. If you aren’t feeling up to calling or are still recovering, think about having someone close to you make the call to set up the appointment!

2. DON’T BE WORRIED SHE’LL SLEEP THE WHOLE TIME! 🙂 All babies are different at this time…. Some sleep all the time, Some never sleep at all! Some can hold their heads up fairly quickly and some are just lazy and want to relax!  Even though all babies are different, the majority of the newborn images I photograph are of these cute little humans snoozing away!  In Lillian’s case, pictured above, she slept the entire time, I never saw her eyes open, even though at one point, she tried!  For me, that’s great!!  But some babies don’t sleep much at all. For this reason, I don’t put a time limit on my newborn sessions because I have found that as time goes by during the session, eventually, that baby will fall asleep and we will have the perfect window of time for getting the image that we need! But rest assured I have rescheduled newborn photo shoots to a day or so later in case the babe just doesn’t get how happy she would make her mommy and daddy if she would fall asleep! So no need to worry about not getting it right the first time!

3. DON’T FRET ABOUT OUTFITS One day I may have a baby girl, but for now, we have our one year old baby boy, Augie, and I have learned that the pickins for cute outfits are fairly slim. But for girls, the options are endless!  The clothing out there keeps getting cuter and cuter! What’s a mom to do?  So I can understand that you will be super excited to decide which outfits to purchase and dress your baby doll up in for her first photo shoot with Lindsey Marie!  But instead of fretting over this decision for her newborn session, let’s keep it simple!  Newborns are so tiny that any outfit will over power her Tiny features and distract from the portrait itself. His or Her birthday suit is best! Just bring a few extra diapers and wipes to clean up any messes!  (YES! your baby will pee all over the place, most likely, but don’t worry! He won’t be the first one!)  🙂 And if you haven’t heard, I have all sorts of headbands at the studio and new hats to have on hand from La Cosabella boutique that you are more than welcome to add to the portrait when the time is right!

4. DRESS FOR SUCCESS Another great trick i have up my sleeve to get the babies to sleep is to turn up the heat! Luckily, in my studio, I have this HUGE SPACE HEATER  That shoots out Heat like you wouldn’t believe…….so that gets cranked!  Good for babes… not so good for us! So another suggestion is to dress yourself in comfortable clothing, anticipating the heat to come! 🙂  I also suggest that if you would like images photographed of you with your baby at this time that you bring something black and something white.

5. Lastly, ENJOY EVERY MINUTE! With Augie turning one year old last week, I want to know where the time has gone? Really?!?!?  He was just a baby and now, a Big Boy!  With the time going by so fast, I thank God that I have images of him when he was at his tiniest! I can easily compare the changes from then to now! He is the most beautiful thing to me and I can’t imaging being without him! This is why I get so excited to share my ideas with my clients. I’m blessed to be able to document these itty bitty people and share them with the families that love them so dearly!  I want you to know that if you are coming in for a newborn session and are a part of my baby plan program, you are in good hands!  I want you to keep in mind that every child is unique and different so every session is different!  Don’t feel bad if you have to feed your little one or hold him and give comfort during short breaks. This is all okay and I never want you to feel rushed when you come in to the studio for your sessions, either. The newborn session is one of most fun sessions that we can do just for the simple fact that your baby will only look this way for a sliver of time and I’m so thrilled to photograph that moment for you!


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